At the beginning there were two friends, Barbara and Elizabeth, and the charm of the Red Town. In an afternoon, walking in a quiet part of the Medina, called Riad Laarouss, close to Ben Youssef Mosque, they saw an old woman with a tattoo on her chin, standing in the street door.

The woman was making great gestures to invite them into her house, which seemed very poor. In a corner of the courtyard, there were gathered together a lot of furniture and fittings, as waiting for moving. In fact the old woman said to the girls that the house has become too small for her family and she would like they be the new owners. According to the traditional Moroccan hospitality, the old woman offered them mint tea and cakes. She also introduced to them the last born in the family, Idris, a few-months baby, and Mustafà, a gentle and wise man who was living like a Hermit in his bird.

During the conversation, some hens and a cock came in the courtyard, looking for the banquet crumbs. And indeed il looked more a poultry than a house, but the girls also felt a special sense of poetry and happiness there.

When Barbara and Elizabeth went to the terrace and saw the fantastic view of the Koutubia and Ben Youssef minaret, they began to think that the house should have a special magic. The days went by, and before leaving Marrakech to Italy, Barbara and Elizabeth went again to the old woman asking if she still wanted to sell the house. So began a story ended finally with the opening of the new riad, Le Coq Fou in summer of 2008. One year later Le Coq Berbère was born. At the moment the two are twin Riads and they are connected via the big and panoramic terrace. It’s been 10 years, how many stories there would be to tell, but our beloved house is still there even more beautiful, gazing on the roofs of the medina and the snowy peaks of the Atlas.